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Our Approach

We are convinced that writing is a path to the creative genius in all of us. Whether you call yourself a writer or not, we know the transformational power of putting yourself in a nurturing environment with permission to notice what you notice and then write about it. Wide Open Writing offers residential retreats, individual coaching, weekend workshops and private writing getaways.  

We take time to get to know you and your needs and together we develop a pathway toward your goals. We create a safe space, whether virtual or actual, inviting you to be present with whatever emerges. Whether it’s an obstacle or a beautiful flow we work with you to be present with what shows up for you, embracing uncertainty and engaging the inner critic.  



What you experience with Wide Open Writing



  • MOVING FORWARD with curiosity






You don’t have to be considered or consider yourself a writer in order to come. 
Enjoy yourself, and benefit.
— - Kathryn Karoly - Isla Holbox, 2018


We believe that getting away and connecting to nature and ourselves is central to the creative process. In this place of respite we find our deeper truths.  

We purposely choose evocative settings where your adventurous spirit can come out to play with curiosity and wonder. Whether it's desert or mountains, tropics or tundra there's always something sparkly to be discovered.   

Because writing comes from our bodies, it's important to foster the connection between body and place, spirit and physical presence. Our retreats always include energy and body work such as massage, yoga and Reiki.    

For more information visit our Retreats page.


...Wide Open Writing takes you away from your daily life. Yes, it forces you out of your comfort zone. Yes, it brings you in the company of strangers. Yes, it’s an expense. But what it gives you in return, is truly the freedom to write the way you were born to. 
— Kalin Sheick, stemsandsprigs.com - Tuscany 2015




While writing is ultimately a solitary endeavor, the process is one that requires trusted support and encouragement. Whether you want feedback for a project, further commitment to your craft or to simply begin writing, one on one work can be extremely effective. By spending time together either in person or via the web we get to know your needs and then together we sculpt a plan to achieve your goals. We use writing prompts and exercises to stimulate the flow of words and then provide written feedback to help you identify the energy of your work and further develop your strengths.  The result is both deeper satisfaction with your writing and a desire to write more.   

If you fancy getting away and working remotely from a specific location, we also organize tailored private writing retreats.