As a Creative Community 

We are exuberant, spiritual, playful, raucous, serious, centered, intense, brave, feral, explorers.  We are creative, compassionate, introverts and extroverts, truth-seekers and truth-sayers, badasses with good taste.  We're moody, needy, high-maintenance noise-makers; nature and animal lovers, tree-huggers, cooks, painters, gardeners, singer-songwriters, dancers, Reiki masters, body workers, therapists and world travelers.  We are mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sons that used to be daughters, sisters, sexpots, crackpots and former addicts.  We meditate, we write and we're not even all writers.

We're also so much more which is why we invite you to join us.  You'll belong.   


As Facilitators and Teachers













Dulcie Witman, MFA, LADC

Co-Founder, Facilitator & writer

Dulcie's a truth-teller even if or especially when she's writing fiction.  She cuts through straight to the point and to the heart of whatever she's saying.  Witty, heartbreaking, searingly true, Dulcie's flare is as unique as she is -- read her and you'll scratch an itch you might not know you had.  Get to know her and be prepared to crave her forevermore.  

What’s important to me as a person is what’s important to me as an artist. I need to be true to myself and I need to make a contribution to others.   Connecting to other people and connecting to what’s around me is how I feel what is true and how I make sense of who I am.   Sharing creative space gives power and life to that connection.  That’s what the creative process is -- it gives life to something that wasn’t there before.  So more than anything, I live for moments of connection and creation, whether that’s to another person or to a sense of purpose or to the natural world in which I yearn to know my place.  


Regina Tingle, MFA

co-founder, facilitator & writer

Regina writes like Frieda Kahlo paints, florid in her strokes.  You have been taken somewhere when you get in Regina's car.  She's both complex in terms of what she attempts and yet she speaks in a language that is everyone's language so that even if you haven't had the particular experience Regina has had you can imagine having it.    

Mostly I don’t think of myself as an artist.  What I know is that I’m captured by making meaning of the big and the little things that happen in our lives whether it’s the fleeting synchronistic moments that would otherwise be forgotten if not recorded or the catastrophic traumas that set us reeling and lead us down other pathways.  I believe it’s in the making of the meaning that pulls me back time and time again to pen and page.  I believe that when I have an urge to write, it's because there's a need for whatever that is to be heard.  It's the disembodied connection that happens between the creator and her audience that compels me most.  It’s magic to be able to share from this deep place in order that it might have value for others to use and keep in whatever way serves them.


Nancy Coleman, PhD

yoga facilitator & writer

Nancy is a connecting presence between the heavens and the earth.  Being in her yoga class is not unlike listening to her read something she just wrote, it comes alive with the ingredients of ocean and wind and hard scrabble earth, and yet so connected to what it is to be a human, in a body, right here, right now.  We are as likely to have tears doing child's pose in her class as we are listening to her read her work.  

I practice yoga.  The body stretches toward its fullest expression.  The yoke of body and soul, the body feeling its way to what is whole, what is holy.  I practice psychotherapy.  I stand on the bridge and hold a light for others to cross.  It is, for each, their own light, I am mirror and fellow traveler.  Sometimes I see in the dark.  I write toward something I do not recognize until I arrive.  Every word matters, and yet the word is not the path.  I follow phosphorescence and prayer.  Nothing matters more.  



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Nikki Kallio, MFA


           Troi Boulanger, LCSW


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