Filling the Blank Page


Filling the Blank Page


This four week class is about taking yourself seriously as a writer.  It’s about carving out physical time and space,  about fashioning your available resources into ingredients that support and encourage you to give your writing what it’s asking for.  It’s about learning to ask yourself honest questions and then listening for the answers with a pen in your hand or your fingers on the keyboard.  And then, as the stories start to flow, we help you get them down.

Week 1 - Identifying Yourself as a Writer

Week 2 - Making it Sacred - Creating Rituals Around Writing

Week 3 - Meeting Fear - Cavorting with The Critic

Week 4 - Celebrating Your Obsessions

Each class centers around a theme, with questions, exercises, podcasts and readings that pertain to that theme.  One blank page at a time, you'll create creative work.  When you've completed Week 1 we'll send you feedback and the instructions for Week 2.  While your own pace is respected, the class is designed to be completed in 4 weeks.  Once you sign up you'll receive a detailed introduction to the course and instructions for Week 1.

Living your life with room to write means you will take yourself more seriously as a writer and so will others.  

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