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Dulcie Witman started writing young; self-illustrated poems about snow monkeys and Memorial Day and dead people.   Poetry eventually gave way to journaling and journaling gave way to becoming a therapist. Dulcie got her BA in Psychology from The College of William and Mary and trained in counseling at The Caron Foundation and Mercy Hospital Recovery Center.  She has been in private practice in the state of Maine for the past twenty-five years.  

Many years later, the snow monkey and the dead people came back to haunt her. She earned her MFA from Goddard College in Creative Writing and certification as a Gateless Writing Teacher. Her teachers have been many - Natalie Goldberg, Julia Cameron, Grace Paley, Monica Woods, Darrah Cloud, Aimee Liu, Bea Gates, Joan Hunter, Suzanne Kingsbury and more – some of whom she worked with directly and others she soaked up through their writing. She carries them all with her in gratitude and admiration.

Dulcie writes fiction and non-fiction and has been known to have an online advice column. Dulcie is a founding editor of Minerva Rising and has had pieces published in The Pitkin Review and Rawboned. She completed a novel, Crooked Love, and is currently working on a professional memoir, Confessions of a Therapist.


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Regina’s memory has a strange retention factor; she can’t remember jokes, the rules of card games or whether or not the napkin goes on the left or the right with the fork or the knife.  But that hasn’t stopped her.  Much to her family’s dismay, she sets the table anyway.  And, she writes memoir.  

At eighteen, her curiosity and love of language took her to Spain and beyond.  After earning her Bachelors of Science in Journalism from the University of North Texas, she immediately moved to Italy where she spent her twenties.  In Italy she fell into her career in international higher education where she's since spent the last fifteen years of planning, facilitating and leading groups on journeys all over the world.  

While receiving her Master’s in Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Goddard College, Regina studied under the tutelage of poets Elena Georgiou and Beatrix Gates as well as memoirist and novelist Aimee Liu.  She is also a 2014 scholarship recipient of Gateless Writing Teacher Training founded by critically-acclaimed author, Suzanne Kingsbury.  Regina's favourites include Rebecca Solnit, Nick Flynn, Mary Karr, David Sedaris, Tracey Emin, Maria Popova, the teachings of Baron Baptiste and Julia Cameron.  Her favorite podcast is “On Being” with Krista Tippett.  Currently, she lives in Brighton with her husband Ben.    

May your heart be filled with loving kindness.

May you be well in body and mind.

This is the beginning of a prayer of loving kindness I silently invoke over every person I meet through massage.  I see the body as a landscape, each an environment inhabited by an exquisitely defined individual consciousness; and my work as a sacred invitation to enter your landscape, to act as a fellow sojourner and guide on the journey. Together we discover and make our way through blocks and barriers toward ease and comfort, freeing the flow of creative energy in the process.

Technicalities: I trained at The Swedish Institute and sat for the New York State Boards in 1990.  Soon after certification I lived and worked at Omega Institute for three years.  While at Omega I met and studied with a wide range of practitioners and healers from all over the world.  I now practice in my home office by the river in Topsham, Maine.  



I've been in the social work field for over twenty-five years and graduated from New Mexico State University in 1997 with my Master's degree.  It was there that I was introduced to holistic health practices by Professor Jerry Vest.  Professor Vest developed the 15 Minute Stressout Program, which I helped introduce into the elder community and he continues to offer to returning soldiers and their families.  Since that time, I've continued my own development and so my work with others has evolved as well.  In my practice I utilize Energy Psychology, Psychotherapeutic Reiki, and mindfulness as well as more traditional "talk therapy."  In my experience, combining these approaches helps people connect to themselves in a deep way.  This way of connecting allows us an awareness of our truths, our unique gifts, as well as obstacles that can thwart our efforts to bring forward or develop these gifts.  Energy work is especially helpful in moving through any barriers to live and express your highest potential.  I believe we all have purpose and talent to share and have made a lifelong commitment to supporting this development in each of us!  

When recently asked for my "artist statement," being a non-writer and non-artist,  I went into panic. My mind diverted to what I should use as my dating profile caption, Flawfully Designed. Why I decided to use it here (and not there) is because it fits into how I see us as human beings and this understanding can lead to our growth and potential.  Writing is one of many ways to open and express our creative process. Where our pain and desire and fear and shame and vulnerability and love and anger and bliss can come through. Energy work is my way of making space for all that arises within us: To explore, to release, to heal and put it all back together with greater insight and deep compassion.  I love being part of these retreats where the opening is happening and I have the honor of adding my bit of magic to ease you on your journey. I hope to see you there!


I adore maps, atlases and globes – for me, they represent mystery, adventure and discovery, which means writing and travel are natural companions. My passion is building authentic stories, whether they’re set in a backyard or outer space. Fantastical elements remove us from “reality” while dropping us squarely in the center of common human dilemmas. I’m fascinated by idea generation. I was never a Prom Queen but have been called a "Prompt Queen." I adore the conjuring process, watching magic happen from just a few simple words or phrases, being enchanted by the beauty in the different ways stories manifest themselves. 

Nikki's creative work has appeared in several lit journals including Minerva Rising and Midwestern Gothic. She is the winner of the 2014 Mill Prize for Fiction and the 2015 Wisconsin People & Ideas fiction prize from the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters for her short story Geography Lesson. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from Goddard College and teaches writing at The Mill: A Place for Writers in Appleton, Wisc. She also is an experienced journalist, having worked at newspapers in Wisconsin, Maine and California, and continues freelance writing for magazines, reporting stories from places like Cape Town and Modena, Italy.

Nancy’s first writing was plagiary. She wrote what she liked, and it often happened to be a fairy tale about an orphan girl or a lost princess; it also often happened to be something someone else had already written.

And then there was life. Her grandfather died, her boyfriend left, she discovered poetry, in her own small voice; and eventually that voice wanted to say more, and still more. Today she is a writer of songs, poetry, essays, creative non-fiction, and now with a full-length fiction manuscript, Everything I Want, in consideration for publication. She’s had pieces published in The Sun, Minerva Rising, and in the compilation, Maine Voices. She’s attended conferences, workshops and retreats with some wonderful writers, read the books and soaked in the words of many others, and studied in depth with Joan Lee Hunter and Suzanne Kingsbury.

Nancy has been a practicing psychologist and psychotherapist for over thirty years (Ph.D, Columbia University, 1983), and she continues to study, practice, and teach at the growing edges of the field, particularly what Maslow called the “further reaches of human nature”. She’s studied mindfulness, body-mind integrative practices such as Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing, healing in trauma and recovery, bioenergetics, and EMDR. She’s fascinated by how new discoveries in the science of psychology weave together with ancient Eastern wisdom to inform our journeys to health.

From her yoga practice of over twenty years and upwards of 5,000 hours of practice, she felt called to take the training to become a teacher, with the intention of deepening her understanding, integrating all these wisdom paths, and sharing the powerful ancient teachings, as we embody them in the present moment.