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Fun with Dulcie Witman


Okay, so when did I turn into someone that has to court fun?


Maybe I am looking back with euphoric recall but it seems to me that fun used to come right up and put its arms around me.  We rode bikes together, me and fun, we stayed up too late and spent too much money.  We laughed our asses off for no good reason, we poked fingers at each other and we played tricks on people.  We did the same things over and over and they were still as funny the last time as the time before.  And we looked forward to the next time.


I know this last year has been a doozie.  Hospitals and doctors offices, PT and OT and speech therapy.  Wheelchairs, walkers, stitches, staples, drugs and more drugs, the best times arriving at the hands of friends, family and strangers.   I could do so little by myself.  


So the first time I went to the bathroom on my own was a hoot.  But it wasn’t fun.


Moving my bed out of the dining room was an important victory.  It meant that I could get my body up the stairs.  I was thrilled.  But it wasn’t fun.


Driving, bathing, going somewhere by myself, getting off pain meds, starting to work again, writing a blog post, all of them were so very important to feeling as though I would have a life again.  Little miracle after little miracle, applauded by my team whenever I got to the next new thing.  


But I’ve got to say that it wasn’t fun.  And I am the kind of girl who needs a healthy dose of it to feel like life is worth all the hard stuff.  


I’m not saying that I have to have it all the time.  But a little splashy splashy in the river or an ice cream sundae for breakfast or a road trip to nowhere wouldn’t hurt. I have been so focused on getting healthier and stronger that I have lost touch with the zest button.


So I am serving notice here in front of all of you.  


In my therapy practice I came up with what I called my 1, 2, 3  treatment plan.  And now I’m going to use it myself.


Every Day –


1. Do something I have to do.

2. Do something that’s good for me.

3. Do something fun.    


That’s it.  That’s the plan.  Anything else in the day is extra, it’s gravy.  I’m starting tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  And you can feel free to join me.