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Is It True That Creative Energy Will Save The Planet?


That’s my answer.

And I’ll tell you why I think that.

I think that because of how I feel when that part of me is lit up.

I think that because of what I see in other people’s eyes when that part of them is lit up.

I think that because I can feel that creativity is fueled by something more than me.

I think that because of the irresistible urge we have to share when creative energy is up and running.

I think that because, by definition, creative energy makes us more than what we are without it,

I think that because creative energy connects us to each other.

And connection is good for us.


Quoting Johann Hari, in his book Lost Connection, “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.”  We become addicted to things that make us feel as though we are not alone on this planet or, if we are, we don’t care.

We read books and feel as though we are connected to what is happening in the story, we feel that part of ourselves. We look at paintings, listen to music, go to the theater, make clothes or food or beauty of one kind or another and we feel that beauty. We taste that song, that color, that emotion in us.

So while it may be a big step to suggest that when we feel connected, we do not want to do harm to that which we are connected to, that is what I am saying here. From there it is a much smaller step to suggest that if we do not want to do harm to that which we are connected to then our options for saving the planet are infinite. The more we love it, the more we want to protect it.

So go ahead – write, paint, fiddle and tend your garden. Let’s get everyone addicted to saving the planet.