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The Landscape of Sisterhood

During last year's Tuscany retreat a special bond forged between women, once strangers, now friends.  Each woman came for her own reasons and went away mostly surprised by the camaraderie and connections made with the other writers that week.  Not only did we bond, we formed our own spontaneous synchronised swimming troupe and even gave a performance!  Dubbed the Tuscan Goddesses, writer and artist Jolly Goins from Tennessee wrote a special piece dedicated to her newfound and long-lost 'sisters.'  Read more from Jolly on her blog, The Rambling Cursor.




Dedicated to My Tuscan Goddess Sisters


Each person on the planet

has been endowed with a

unique perspective,

a complex personality,

and an overall landscape

of elevated, designated planes.


To contemplate and hesitate

is a built-in cautionary crossing

that we choose to step over or

stay behind the yellow line.


The contours seen when we

dare ourselves to look in the

mirror can be the product of

good DNA or brought on by one’s

own careless ways of wanting just

one more donut or another cone

of gelato because that won’t hurt

me or will it? This choice can cause

more hills than valleys.


We can allow our bodies to be plowed

under by any crisis just because we

do not feel strong enough to conquer fear

and seek respite in anything taboo.

However, our bodies are more resilient

than we know or even want to believe.


There are those who make judgments

by what size we wear, what designer

attire we flaunt or what gym we work

out in.  Gym? What’s a Gym?


Isn’t it enough that we have all

have landscapes and they are all beautiful?

Variation and texture and hills and valleys

and wrinkles and freckles and dimples?

Take a moment and look at your reflection

and smile at yourself because your

landscape makes up part of my world.


Jolly Jeffers Goins – 09/08/2015