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WOW, We're in Iceland


Regina and I have spent the last four days on a spontaneous if not impulsive trip to Iceland; a trip that resulted from a combination of desire to get away and the need to connect.   We flew WOW airlines (seriously) to this island halfway between Maine and London because it appealed to our spirits of wonder and adventure.  

You have expectations of why you go somewhere on vacation and you think you go there for certain reasons but slowly, as you settle into your surroundings, the real reason you’re there comes clear.  Regina thought she came to seek a stillness that her regular London life is unable to provide her with.  Dulcie envisioned bringing herself to a place where she could find calm and sort through all that’s happened.

What fascinating subject matter Iceland has provided us with.  To ponder such stark contrasts so closely intertwined – cold ice blue glaciers nestled up against active unpredictable fiery volcanoes, lava folded rock formations, evidence of the earth literally tearing itself apart, a never-ending sunset and a never-ending dawn are reminders that change is not just a fact: change is.      

What we found in this land of contrast, is that while we go on living our own little lives we forget that the earth has her life too.  And that we are part of her.  There are cycles and seasons and eras -- the topical changes -- and then there are the deeper, molten changes which have the potential to incite catastrophe and literally alter the body.  As humans we often move through these changes as though they are temporary.  That once traversed, it will be over and that we’ll have something to show for it.  But spending time here sheds new light on what can actually feel like a relentless, merciless process.  

Creation flows from destruction and Iceland reveals herself as evidence.  She has flooded over us and flowed through us in her cold-hot rivers; she has been soft, nourishing and cleansing.  We have felt the purity of her, the absoluteness of Mother Nature, the wholeness in her offerings.  She is open.  She says come look, come be, come sit down next to me, come find yourself in me.  Here, she says, you might perhaps forgive the opposing forces within yourself.