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Things to know about Toscana

by Alanna Reiser


1. The sun hurts sometimes if you sit for long,

if your legs grow weary from the day and you find a grassy spot, but

if you breathe it in, it will be kinder.

2. Open your mouth, let your teeth feel the weight of its rays,

feel the light sink through your enamel, your teeth grow heavy.

Once you inhale the sun, let it wander through you.

3. This sun breeds grapes, they’re filled with water and you watch them nursing on the closest hill.

Crush them with your fingers, pour them out the faucets and fill a cup,

it will taste like sitting on the porch at dusk on a Sunday when there’s no work on Monday.

4. The greens you’re sitting on fill your cracks,

watch them weave through your toes, your fingers,

grab the earth’s hair, don’t dare trim it.

5. The people here stuff their fingernails with gold,

you see the remnants on their fingertips as they graze the windowpanes.

Everything they touch hides these gifts of golden flecks,

the dining chairs,

the pens.

Try to steal some, tuck them away in your pocket holes

to find come laundry day.